Design Thinking Toolkit

Develop a toolkit that enables users to run their own design thinking sessions.

Social Innovation Lab at Tandemic

Design lead

The toolkit started off with a completely different design. We learnt a lot from user testings and iterated accordingly along the way. The final design is a compact, portable toolkit that can withstand a reasonable amount of wear and tear. Users can also navigate easily through the design thinking process with the clear directions provided by the process cards.

One of the main design consideration was how can users make sense of a large quantity of information without being overwhelmed? We answered this by designing pockets on the front and a unique card indexing system. The pockets are structured to flow with the usage of the toolkit, making it intuitive to users.

Using the design thinking toolkiProcess and method cards

There are 42 process and method cards which guide users.

Designing the design thinking toolkit

The initial prototype in the form of a box. We quickly realized that it wasn’t very portable, and that users were overwhelmed by the content and did not know where to begin.

Our findings on what the toolkit needs to be.

The new approach of the 2nd major prototype. Our second prototype had clear instructions that users can take in at a glance. It was flat and hence very portable.  After testing this layout with several physical prototypes, we figured: how about turning this into a bag? And so the design of the toolkit was born.

Construction details of the toolkit

Detail view of the design thinking toolkitDetail view of the design thinking toolkitDetail view of the design thinking toolkit

Printing the design thinking toolkits

Printing the design thinking toolkitPrinting the design thinking toolkit