Make iMessage Stickers for the iOS App Store

A personal project, I make iMessage stickers for the App Store. I’m drawn to the idea of freeing my illustrations and letting people interpret and use them however they want. Plus, I really like being able to do geeky things with my drawings.

Through these stickers, I do not only hope to entertain but also to start conversations about certain issues I care about.

If you’re interested in learning how to make your own iMessage sticker pack for the App Store, visit my tutorial on Medium. I’ve detailed every step to get you started on your very first sticker pack.

Or, want to publish your stickers on the App Store without going through all the hassle? I can help you.

Some of my stickers on the Apple App Store:

Period Survival Kit Stickers

I designed this sticker pack to help females everywhere express themselves, and also to break the taboo on this topic. Periods are probably the least exciting part of being females, and a lot of people (both males and females) find it hard to talk about it, still. I made this in hopes of helping people be more open about this very natural –and inconvenient experience.

iMessage Stickers
iMessage Sticker

Dreamy The Narwhal Stickers

Why narwhals? Because they are seriously underrated and unknown.

iMessage Sticker
iMessage Stickers

Dim and Sum Stickers

Dim and Sum were one of the first characters I’ve ever developed. The story is Dim is a happy-go-lucky xiao long bao, but because it has never met its parents, it is constantly wondering what its true fillings are. Sum, the siew mai although kind-hearted has some anger management issues.

iMessage Sticker
Dim and Sum stickers

Hustle Calligraphy Greeting Stickers

I wrote each phrase with a pointed pen and watercolor. I like how I could marry a very manual artform with technology to create digital stickers.

iMessage Sticker
Calligraphy stickers