Infographics and Layouts

A collection of infographics and layouts that I’ve designed for several projects. They include posters and published editorial design work.


Infographic for Makeweekend, 2013


Instructional poster design for Makespace, 2014

Infographics and layouts IM Magazine

People’s Choice Infographic // I.M. Magazine, Issue #28, August 2011

Sex therapy malaysia

Uncovered: Sex Therapy // I.M. Magazine, Issue #35, March 2012

Namewee interview

Interview with Namewee // I.M. Magazine, Issue #32, December 2011

Malaysian dessert

Which Type of Local Delight Are You? // I.M. Magazine, Issue #35, March 2012

IM Magazine

Simple Ways to Shorten Your Lifespan // I.M. Magazine, Issue #29, September 2011