1) To design a behavior tracking app for young Malaysian couples as part of a larger clinical study to reduce type-2 diabetes in the country called Jom Mama.
2) To design a web app for community health promoters (CHP) to track the progress of couples on the app.

Novo Nordisk and the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

Design lead

iOS and Android for trial participants; web app for nurses

As this app is a part of a clinical trial, there were some unique constraints in the final product. The design process was highly iterative where agile test cycles were held regularly. A large part of the design process was focused on researching habit formation. This was important because we wanted users to adhere to the health tasks suggested by Jom and also to use the app to motivate users throughout the intervention period of 8 months. The clinical trial is currently on-going and Jom is available for couples participating in the trial.

Jom behaviour tracking app

Main screen of the Jom app

Jom Main Screen
Jom behavior tracking app

Designing the health challenges
The health challenges in Jom are straightforward and requires little decision making. Users are guided through picking one nutrition challenge and one physical challenge from a curated list. Each challenge comes with its own suggested frequency per week which will increase as users progress on the program.

The challenges were designed with the help of nutritionists and fitness experts with the aim of achieving a balanced lifestyle. The general structure of the challenges is, the more difficult a particular challenge, the less frequency the user has to perform it per week and vice versa.

Jom mama challenges

Keeping habit formation at the core of Jom, the maximum number of challenges users can take on is three. We’ve also introduced Flash Challenges, which occasionally prompt users to up their game to keep things intereseting.

Jom mama behaviour tracking strategies

Designing the web app console
The console for Community Health Promoters (CHP) is designed as a responsive web app so that it can be accessed at anytime, on any device. Its main purpose is for CHPs to monitor the progress of the couples under their care. During their visits with the couples, it also serves as an interviewing and reporting tool.

Each couple is assigned a CHP who will mentor them throughout the 8-month intervention period. The behavioral data logged by the couples on the Jom app will be available to the CHPs through the console.

Jom mama
Jom mama app

Designing a personality for the app
It was important for this behavior tracking app to feel as encouraging as possible, so a friendly face for the app named Mon was introduced. He shows up occasionally to guide and cheer users on.

Character design mon jom

The initial sketches for the character Mon

Learnings and main iterations during the design process
Initially we started out with a tabbed layout separated by its main functionality. After our first user testing, we learned that users found it troublesome to switch between tabs and we started figuring out ways to make the experience more intuitive. We finally arrived at a one-page layout where everything can be viewed at a glance. This layout has the added advantage of associating the act of checking in with the advancement of the progress bar, hence boosting motivation.

learning on behaviour trackingJom behavior tracking appJom behavior tracking app

Prototyping the onboarding experience.