User Experience design

UX Design

Over the past eight years, I’ve worked with various startups and companies like Photobook, Novo Nordisk, and Sunway to help bring the vision of their digital products to life. During this time, I also helped co-found and led product for Newswav–Malaysia’s leading news aggregation app.

I enjoy working closely with my clients, figuring out ways to advance their business goals while caring for their users’ needs. My work includes designing information architectures, devising user flows, wireframing, and creating high fidelity mockups for apps and websites. I also offer UX writing capabilities which result in a tightly integrated design. 

UX sketch

A project notebook with my planning notes.

A sketch of a user's journey with using an app in a grocery store.

A user journey sketch for a grocery store client, to figure out gaps in the experience.

Grocery app mockup

A rewards app designed for The Food Merchant, a local grocer

Paper app sketch

In the initial stages of my design process, I work a lot with sketches.

I work with the belief that 80% of design should focus on what users don't see.

In my design process, the creation of good information architecture and wireframes are the most important steps. The other decisions flow effortlessly from there once we get those right.